Deirdre Frank

For Mayor of Oxnard 2020

A member of the the Oxnard community since 1984, Deirdre has represented many of you as an attorney. She is a litigator, fighting for her Oxnard neighbors’ rights for over 3 decades.  As Mayor, she could do even more to fight for you.  She is here for you Oxnard, because, she is you!

The Leadership Our City Needs

Having served as President of the Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association, as well President of the Ventura Chapter of the National Womens’ Political Caucus and as a member of the Board of Directors for the Ventura County Bar Association, Deirdre knows how to lead and get things done.


A Vision For The Future

Currently serving as the Chair of the Oxnard Planning Commission, Deirdre has become a voice for change in this community.  Details count in her analyses of projects coming forward in Oxnard such as the Fisherman’s Wharf proposal,  Wagon Wheel and Downtown.  Oxnard is a diverse community with unique struggles. The city inherited the financial crisis that the current mayoral candidate was on council when the seeds for financial crisis were planted and have come to fruition.  2020 has been a year filled with unimaginable difficulties, but it has also provided opportunities for incredible compassion and strength within our community.  WE are learning to adapt to our new normal.  It is time that WE change the current regime, move AHEAD not backward and work together to navigate through these unprecedented times.  Together, WE are a WE TEAM and we can become even stronger as a community, creating an Oxnard WE all deserve.


Actionable Issues

Proven Leadership

Deirdre has been a leader in this community for nearly 40 years, fighting for Oxnardians as a successful environmental advocate for Ormond Beach, and longtime member of the Oxnard Planning Commission.  She is  unwilling to accept projects just because it is the only project available.  She has voted no even when it meant she would lose the vote in her unwillingness to compromise.  Her efforts are to provide the best projects for our city. 


Take a Look Around...
Oxnard is Ventura County’s largest city, yet our landscaping, parks, roads and sidewalks are in worse condition than they’ve been in years. Deirdre will ensure these areas are a top funding priority to make Oxnard the crown jewel we all deserve.
Smart Development

Oxnard’s Downtown, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Campus Park have great potential in our community. As Mayor, Deirdre will ensure these areas are developed for the benefit of the entire community.

Financial Responsibility

Oxnard has new leadership that is better equipped to make more sound financial decisions than past administrations. Deirdre has been, and will continue to be, a watchdog on the city’s spending and overseeing tight fiscal controls.  As you can imagine, she can implement best business practices which Oxnard’s current management team has fought to do.

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About Deirdre Frank

I am the oldest of 3 daughters in my family. I have a sister in Calabasas and another in Lake Tahoe. Our childhood was spent in North Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley.

I moved to Westwood to attend UCLA on scholarship, graduating with a BA in Political Science in 1975. I then attended Southwestern University School of Law, having to work full-time to pay tuition, and received my Juris Doctorate degree in 1978.

After practicing 8 years in Los Angeles and Century City, I joined a firm in Oxnard in 1984 and moved, with my son, Evan, to Oxnard Shores in 1988.

Community involvement has always been important to me. When I was in college, I received food stamps and was on MediCal. It was a difficult time for me and I welcomed the assistance. These are some of the examples of my service:

I am currently the Chair of the Oxnard Planning Commission. I have been on the Planning Commission for several terms, guiding the City through many environmental reviews, General and Specific Plan updates and projects, ensuring they meet good placement and design for our City.

Ventura County Civil Service Commission, appointed by Supervisor Kathy Long. This Commission handles discipline for Civil Service Employees with the County.

1st Vice President, Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation. This Foundation raises funds for health care products and services throughout Ventura County. I joined this Foundation because many of my clients received treatment at VCMC and its related clinics and I wanted to enhance those facilities.

Member, Board of Directors Ventura County Bar Association. I agreed to serve on this Board because I wanted to do what I could to increase legal services to the underserved and increase public awareness of the multiple ways lawyers serve the community.

Fundraising Chair and then President National Women’s Political Caucus Ventura County. This organization promotes women seeking political office and all funds raised go to women candidates who meet the criterion for contribution and endorsement.

I have provided many services to the court. I served as Judge Pro Tem, Court Appointed Arbitrator and Mediator and Early Settlement Attorney. I did fee dispute arbitrations for the Ventura County Bar Association. I have coached a Mock Trial team and served as a scorer of the high school mock trial competitions.

Law Week is the first week in May and during that week each year, I put lawyers in classrooms all over the county to discuss issues ranging from juvenile justice to the Supreme Court. This program sparked interest in the students to pursue careers in legal services.

I have supported many charitable causes including Meals on Wheels, Lions Club, Red Cross, Ventura Rescue Mission, Planned Parenthood, Coalition to End Domestic Violence and Ventura Legal Services.

My view of public service is that if you are going to accept the job, do it right. I read. I analyze. I am able to make decisions. I have raised a child, run a business and managed a household.

If you believe that Oxnard has to rethink its approach to growth, open the government process, invest in infrastructure (move up the schedule on sidewalk repair/streets), aggressively protect our environmental resources, infuse creativity into new design, seek cooperative effort and prevent the well known abuses of our past history in order to achieve an increased quality of life here, you need to vote for me, Deirdre Frank.

Thank you.

From VC Star:
OCTOBER 12, 2020

We have a choice, go back or go forward. The first and last woman mayor of Oxnard was Jane McCormick-Tolmach from 1973-1974. That has been 46 years since our beautiful city of Oxnard had woman for mayor. The right person for the mayor of Oxnard for the 2020 elections is a woman and her name is Deirdre Frank.

As I sit here looking at the voting ballot to vote early, I find myself looking at all our candidates for the city of Oxnard local elections, and I cannot help but think, why are some of these candidates taking me back to my childhood? Then it dawned on me, as a little girl I would play music chairs, as I look at the ballot, I see our current mayor of Oxnard is on the ballot for the new Supervisor for District 5 and our current Supervisor for District 5 running for mayor. And there it is the music chairs, so transparent. These gentlemen had their chance to make changes and they fell short of those goals. It is not the size of your sign that will get you voted nor switching chairs you sit in. Do not underestimate the intelligence of our community members. Voting the same people with different titles does not spell change.

I have the privilege of personally knowing Deirdre Frank for many years. Deirdre currently serves as the Chair of the Oxnard Planning Commission and Chair of the Measure O Oversight Committee for many years and has made a positive impact to our community.

Let us go forward. Please vote for Deirdre Frank for Mayor of Oxnard.

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Kim Skeeters


Vote Frank for Oxnard mayor

The November election is on everybody’s mind.  Will Congress pass another rescue bill?  Will a COVID-19 vaccine be ready before we vote?  Will the economy bounce back?  Will students return to classrooms?  All very important issues.  But as Oxnard residents, we have our local elections as well.  We need to get out the vote for Deirdre Frank, who is running for mayor of Oxnard.  Deirdre has served with great distinction and even greater success as the Chair of the Oxnard Planning Commission.  Over the many years of her dedicated service to our city, she has shown her ability to work with the city council, city staff and city employees.  That record of success, achievement and cooperation will make her an excellent mayor. 

Please vote for Deirdre Frank for mayor of Oxnard.

David Laufer


From VC Reporter:
Deidre Frank for Oxnard Mayor

It is election season. Locally, we have a lot to decide, including who will be our mayor. Tim Flynn is not running for re-election.

One choice is a woman who has led our Planning Commission, accumulating an admirable record of prudence and fairness between development and environmentalism. Deidre Frank is well known in Oxnard as an attorney and a fighter for causes like pesticide-exposed farmworkers and protection for Ormond Beach wetlands. Frank would bring a fresh perspective and years of pertinent experience. She is aware of the daunting economic, civic and moral challenges our city faces. And she is no pushover. We have not had a female mayor since 1974.

Frank is running against County Supervisor John Zaragoza, who sat on the council for 12 years at a time when the council failed in its fiduciary oversight responsibilities. This started Oxnard’s slide into the present economic mess, even before the pandemic.

We need fresh leadership tempered with experience to meet the array of challenges that have confronted us, not just this year, but in the first 20 years of this century. We cannot afford to look backward. Deidre Frank is looking forward to a 21st century job with 21st century solutions. She will get my vote.

Lauraine Effress


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